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Balanced Mind. Balanced Eating. Balanced Life.

  • Extremes in our emotional and psychological states can lead to imbalance, avoidance and mindlessness. When we think in extremes, all-or-nothing terms, and judgmental views, it leads to imbalance in our relationships with ourselves and with others. This imbalance is often related to extremes in other areas of our health, such as eating, activity, and sleep. Eating too much or not fueling our bodies enough, eating due to stress, boredom, or unwanted, painful emotions—these are all ways we cope with or respond to extremes in our thoughts and emotions.

    These experiences can lead to further distraction and disconnection from our life values and goals. We are here to help you reestablish your values and goals in life by focusing on a more balanced perspective and awareness of your mind, body and behaviors. We will work with you to explore how you think, feel and act are connected and influenced by each other, and will provide you with tools and support to help make changes that will create a more balanced mind and lead to a restored wellbeing.

    We are dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment for children, adolescents and adults with eating disorders in the Columbus and Central Ohio communities.

Let us help you find YOUR balanced life.

(Please note: we do NOT complete disability or FMLA paperwork, write ESA letters, or provide ADHD testing.)